I’m one-part cinematographer, one-part colourist. I have a perceptive interest towards filmmaking. To me cinematography is about people being real and then letting us paint a picture of that moment to remember it forever. This is the story that matters most: real people, real stories & real moments. I started capturing images through my lens years ago. I never intended to be an expert. Be that as it may, cinematographer!

For my 16th birthday dad gifted me my first camera. The following day along with my brother I went to the hilltop and shot two snappy moves previously the sunset. That was it! I was snared, regardless of whether I knew it or not. Our strong desire to learn about the filmmaking process stemmed from our passion for movies. We made a few short experimental films. Experimenting with the subjects, the lenses, the light, the editing, and the sound during filming. Filmmaking is revolutionized by technology, which breaks the stillness of the movies. We learned about silent editing, which is the process of stitching two shots together to create a continuous shot. We then developed a single-shot short film called “The Morning.” Then we went on our path to becoming filmmakers, and made several experimental films. My motivation towards camera movement rather than placing it still had a significant impact to the shot, because a moving camera can add a lot to your cinematography. It can make scenes chaotic, exiting or dreadful. The most important aspect of an effective camera movement is that it is motivated.

For over ten years, I’ve been capturing life’s most beautiful moments, and this journey has taken me on a profound, otherworldly adventure that has transformed my spirit. I no longer see filmmaking merely as a profession or a craft, but as a means of connecting more deeply with the world around me. Through my lens, I strive to capture not just images, but the essence of the experiences and emotions that define our lives. I aim to honor the beauty of the now, recognizing that each moment is unique and irreplaceable. My goal is to create a visual narrative that reflects a life lived fully and authentically, capturing the vibrancy and authenticity of each fleeting second. Every shot is an opportunity to tell a story that resonates on a deeper level, to evoke emotions that are raw and genuine. 

In 2022, I moved to London to pursue master’s degree in cinematography. Last year, I graduated from MetFilm School, where I honed my skills in cinematography and colour grading. Now based in London, I am passionate about using visual storytelling to create a profound impact. I am particularly inspired by the work of Emmanuel Lubezki, especially his stunning cinematography in “Birdman” (2014). I have a strong affinity for long shots and strive to incorporate them into most of my projects as a signature element. To date, I have filmed two single-take movies and two others featuring numerous long takes. While choreographing these shots is challenging and time-consuming, I thrive on these challenges. This dedication to complex, continuous shots is what distinguishes my work from others in the field. Through my unique approach, I aim to engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression on my audience.