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Geo James is a London-based cinematographer with a passion for impactful visual storytelling. His portfolio includes a variety of short films, music videos, and commercials. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of his craft, Geo strives to create cinematography that captivates, inspires, and provokes thought in his audience. Through his work, he continually seeks new ways to engage viewers and leave a lasting impression.

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Brenda Huerta Rodriguez Director

Collaborating with Geo is always a joy. He is wonderfullly talented and hardworking, with a superb eye for detail. His communication skills are first-rate and his abilities to create beautiful and meaningful imagery are simply unparalleled.

Telmo Santos Writer & Director

Working with Geo has been an amazing experience from begining to end. To every crazy idea there is always a way to make it happen and Geo doesn’t give up until it happens. A very reliable collaborator with whom you can always count to support and inspire the project, always open to new ideas and stories.

Rakshanda Ranadive Writer & Director

I had a pleasure of working with Geo, and I must say he is nothing short of a creative genius in the realm of cinematography. His exceptional understanding of a director's vision coupled with his unwavering patience is truly commendable.

Darya Alexander Director

Geo's cinematography is unfailingly strategic and precise. His impressive technical ability is matched by his intuitive artistic eye that kept my film aesthetically on track during each step in the filming process. I know I can trust him with the most delicate of film projects and can't recommend his work enough.

Susanna Paluzzi Producer

Geo is incredibly talented and reliable DOP, he engages with all his energy into projects, and he is driven by a strong passion for what he does, and motivation to grow. I had the best time working with him, he was highly collaborative, able to make compromises when needed, but willing to fight for his creative vision when necessary. I really hope to work with him in the future.

Mariia Panfilova Producer

Collaborating with Geo was an absolute pleasure. His unwavering commitment to every project, coupled with his remarkable professionalism and impeccable taste, consistently delivers top-notch content.

Sophie Macnair Actress

I was lucky enough to act in a film where Geo was DOP back in 2023, and he made the process and environment feel comfortable and safe, which is such a wonderful skill possess. He was very clear and precise with what he wanted the shots to be visually, and it really made for a gorgeous film.

Elizabeth Langfeld Editor & Executive Producer

Working with Geo is a dream - he has worked with me as both cinematographer & colourist. In fact, before I had never worked with him I reached out to him as my first choice to join a project when we needed a cinematographer because I had seen his visually stunning work and was so impressed. No matter the role, Geo is always so professional, versatile, has incredibly unique & creative ideas, & brings an enthusiastic attitude to everything he does. He always goes the extra mile & is an extremely hard worker - he truly cares about each project & will ensure its success.

Re-Created Scenes

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Peaky Blinders - Betting Shop

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Joker (2019) - Social Worker

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